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In recent times, mobile phones and laptops have become almost a part of our identity and often we feel the need to accessorize them according to our moods/ the kind of place we go to. Of late, we even have seen people flaunting different shades for different occasions.

At Mobile Phone Rescue, we have tried to woo our customers with a wide variety of trendy Mobile phone and laptop accessories which are in vogue. 

1. Mobile Phone Accessories:

At Mobile Phone Rescue, the customers can choose from a wide variety of mobile phone accessories available in the market at very competitive rates. From chargers to case/covers, battery, housing, bluetooth products , mobile phone spare parts like lcd, buzzer, speaker, connectors, IC and many other parts, repairing tools- screw driver set, work stations, cleanser, microscope ,  we offer everything under one roof.

Click here to check out the catalogue with prices.

2.Laptop Accessories:

As the leading source for laptop Accessories,we at Mobile Phone Rescue are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our Products are Genuine & Reliable as we get them from original manufacturers. All our Products are tested to ensure they are of the utmost quality so that the customers get optimal runtime. We also strive to deliver as much information as possible about the product including the date of purchase, warranty, guarantee etc.

Click here to check out the catalogue with prices.

Mobile Phone Rescue offers iPhone repairs, other mobile phone repair services from water damage, physical damage. Some other common repairs like touch screen repairs, LCD repairs, Button repairs, Loudspeaker Repairs, Earspeaker Repairs, Microphone Repairs. Offers Laptop Accessories, Unlocking Service, Firmware Upgrade.