About Mobile Phone Rescue

Mobile Phone Rescue (MPR) prides itself on being the most advanced warranty repair services company in Australia. With our online application, complimented by our excellent customer service team and fully qualified technicians, our clients are assured their mobile phones, tablets, PDAs and other devices are managed through our repair centres and within agreed Service Level Agreements.

Mobile Phone Rescue began in NSW and has expanded into Queensland. We are currently planning to expand our business by opening offices in Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been trading for more than 15 years. The quality of customer service exhibited by our organisation has lead to our services being highly regarded by major mobile phone retailers and our customers.

Our customers include distributors, individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. Mobile Phone Rescue provides warranty repair services for all mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, laptops and other electronic devices, including the latest devices available to consumers.

Concept Overview

MPR has spent many years developing, perfecting and proving the effectiveness of their business systems and constantly updating our comprehensive Training Program. We can provide you with an easy-to-follow and proven system which will allow you to earn a great income.

We will give you all the ongoing training, support and marketing you need.

Experience the satisfaction and financial security that comes with building up a successful business.

Our training, support and marketing are specifically designed for the electronics repair industry. If you are willing to learn and follow MPR’s systems, you will be rewarded with the achievement of your goals.


We believe our training, support and marketing systems are second to none. Our extensive initial training (one-on-one with your individual coach) covers all the practical aspects of the business.

You also receive coaching on the business skills you need to be successful, including accounting (budgeting, GST, bookkeeping, etc), goal setting, Occupational Health & Safety, marketing, hiring and training staff etc.

That’s why partnering with MPR is your best chance to become the manager of your own successful business, creating happy and satisfied customers. We train you thoroughly in all the skills you need, and continue to support you 100%, every step of the way.

Support to Help You Succeed

Your training doesn’t end once your business begins. MPR will provide extensive ongoing multi-level coaching and support. On each level of the business, MPR have developed a systemised meeting and coaching structure, which includes face to face or electronic contact and assistance.

Marketing and Advertising

MPR is developing a highly-visible brand. The proven effectiveness of our marketing has resulted in a situation where demand for our services outstrips supply.

We undertake extensive and effective consumer-oriented marketing strategies incorporating areas such as Brochures, Yellow Pages, Internet, charity events, site visits, etc., all of which reinforce our trusted brand’s reputation for professional and friendly service.

Also, for the first 12 months of your business you will receive your own personal web page.

Our website is continually being updated to keep ahead of the competition, and we are continuing to develop our Internet strategy, enabling us to reach far more customers through this important new medium.

Designed for Success

We can only succeed if you’re successful. That’s why our systems are designed to ensure your business runs smoothly and is profitable. MPR are confident that we offer an outstanding, proven system that will help you create your own successful business.

Our reputation is vitally important to us, and to you, so we determine the suitability of all applicants through our initial discussions before proceeding any further.

Police background checks are also required.

We want you to make sure you are making the right decision. Therefore we can happily put you in contact with other repair centres operating successfully using MPR's ongoing training, support and marketing to help you make the right decision.

Change Your Future

MPR can give you the chance to create your own successful business, even if you have no experience or prior training.

As an MPR partner, you will have a hands-on, practical service role, dealing directly with clients, and building up your cash flow with repeat business from satisfied customers.

We will teach you how to become a sought after professional in the dynamic and fast paced mobile electronics industry.


If you are interested in owning a successful business, please contact us for a confidential discussion on how to create your own profitable company.

Yours faithfully,
Danny Karouz
Mobile Phone Rescue