About Mobile Phone Rescue

Mobile Phone Rescue (MPR) prides itself on being the most advanced warranty repair services company in Australia. With our online application, complimented by our excellent customer service team and fully qualified technicians, our clients are assured their mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, laptops and other devices are managed through our repair centres and within agreed Service Level Agreements.

MPR began in NSW and has expanded into Queensland. We are currently planning to expand our business by opening offices in Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been trading for more than 15 years.

Our customers include distributors, individuals, small businesses, insurance companies and corporate clients. MPR provides repair services for all mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, laptops and other electronic devices, including the latest devices available to consumers. We also offer out of warranty repair services at very competitive price points.

Concept Overview

At MPR we are always looking for opportunities to grow our business by providing quality services to organisations. During a recent market analysis project, we identified an opportunity within the insurance industry that would allow insurers to reduce their costs and improve their customer satisfaction levels by having devices, which are the subject of an insurance claim, repaired instead of being replaced.

During our analysis, realised, through discussions with insurance industry representatives, it was identified that many insurers were not aware of the services MPR is able to provide.

Further to this, there was evidence that many insurers were replacing devices outright at a cost that far exceeds the cost of having a device repaired. This generates a direct loss to the insurer that can be mitigated if the use of our services (as listed below) were in place.

Repair Services

MPR provides customers with repair services for mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops and cameras such as LCD replacement, water damage, physical damage, software issues, reception problems, charging issues, replacement housing, inspection reports and recycling.

All our repair centres use our custom built software to ensure we have complete control of all devices throughout the repair lifecycle. This, along with strict and enforced timelines, allows our customers to have peace of mind that we will do our utmost to keep costs to a minimum.

As an organisation, we invest heavily in research, development and training to remain as one of Australia’s most trusted and respected repair service organisations. Our technicians have a vast amount of experience and are constantly improving their skills to remain at the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology.

Our commitment to developing the skills of our technicians has resulted in our Unrepairable Handset Rate maintaining a consistent value of less than 3%. All repairs carry a 2 month warranty on replaced parts and labour.

MPR can provide repairs completed by our technicians in our workshops with a turnaround time of one (1) to fourteen (14) days depending on the extent of the damage the device has incurred. As most other repair centres have a turnaround time of approximately six (6) weeks or more, your organisation will enjoy the benefits of receiving repaired devices in a timely manner maximising customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, we are able to supply an inspection report and quote within two (2) days of receipt of a device if requested by a client.

MPR has repair centres based in New South Wales and Queensland with plans to expand to a national network. This enables costs such as logistics, insurance, etc. to be reduced. Individuals would also have the opportunity to be able to deliver faulty devices direct to our repair centres with appropriate documentation and would allow for individuals to experience over the counter service depending on fault diagnosis.

As devices are becoming more important and contain information that is very important to individuals, your customers are welcome to contact our technicians directly if they feel there is a need to discuss what is happening to their handset.

Repair Lifecycle

Data Security

MPR understands the importance of data security. All customer data is treated as highly confidential. MPR has comprehensive Data Security, Privacy and System Access Policies which are strictly enforced.

In addition to this, all of our staff are required to complete a Police Criminal History Check as required by our Recruitment Policy.

Target Market

MPR is targeting insurance companies who are looking to reduce their costs through having devices that are subject to an insurance claim repaired instead of being replaced.

Value Proposition

As our company provides quality services at competitive prices, your organisation will be able to benefit from cost effective services provided by Mobile Phone Rescue.

Our research indicates that the price points of our repair costs are on average 25% less than our competitors. These savings would ultimately be enjoyed by your organisation in an economic environment that is driving organisations to constantly seek cost effective strategies.

Further to this, our research also indicates that turnaround times for repairs completed by Mobile Phone Rescue can be up to 40% more efficient than our competitors with a return rate on our repairs of less than 3%.

In addition to the above, you will receive excellent customer satisfaction through our commitment to maintaining contact with your customers and providing updates to repairs as a device goes through our repair cycle.

Please refer to Appendix: 1 for a summary of our pricing.

Appendix: 1 Pricing Summary

Price List
Effective Date
Repair Type Part Code Dealer Buy
(inc GST)
Dealer Buy
(exc GST)
Miscellaneous Codes
Minimum Repair Service Charge   $35.00   Minimum Service Charge
    $35.00   Quote Rejection
    $35.00   No Fault Found ( second time inspection)
Repair Level 1
Level 1   $60.00   Plug-and-play changes / Software
Repair Level 2
Level 2 Excluding Cost of Part $90.00   Parts Replacements / No Solder
  Excluding Cost of Part $90.00   Mainboard Replacement
Repair Level 3
Level 3   $120.00   Component Replacements / Solder
Repair Level 4
Level 4 Excluding Cost of Part $180.00   IC / Micro Components / BGA Solder
FREIGHT One way   $9.95   One way
Parts Margin
Parts Margin   10%    
Minimum Parts Charge   $5.00    


Should Mobile Phone Rescue become the preferred repairer for your organisation, your company would benefit from cost effective, quality and timely repair services delivered by our organisation.

Mobile Phone Rescue looks forward to building a relationship with your organisation and providing quality and timely repair services to your employees.

However most importantly, your organisation will benefit from reduced costs and lead times for repair services and would therefore enjoy an enhanced level of customer service from our qualified and friendly staff.


Debbie Mott
Manager – Australian Warranty Services
Phone: 1300 582 507

Further information

If you require any further information regarding this proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us.Mobile Phone Rescue would like to thank you for your time and look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,
Danny Karouz
Mobile Phone Rescue