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Water Damage

Lots of mobile phones suffer accidental water damage, and for those of you that don’t already know, mobile phone water damage requires immediate attention. Mobile phone water damage of any kind can be extremely destructive to your phone since water contact of any kind can lead to short circuit or erode your phone's electronic components and interior functions. Hence, this kind of damage needs unparalleled expertise to fix the phone.

At Mobile Phone Rescue our team of highly skilled engineers, with a vast experience of electronic repairs are able to handle such repairs with finesse. They are able to fix anything from a simple microphone problem to handsets deemed "beyond economical repair" (BER) due to liquid ingress (water damage).

Mobile Phone Rescue offers iPhone repairs, other mobile phone repair services from water damage, physical damage. Some other common repairs like touch screen repairs, LCD repairs, Button repairs, Loudspeaker Repairs, Earspeaker Repairs, Microphone Repairs. Offers Laptop Accessories, Unlocking Service, Firmware Upgrade.